Hi. I am trying to build a popup calendar for my page. I know there are hundreds of good ones available for download, but i fancied the challenge of building my own!

I have got it working almost perfectly. I have defined a new object, created a prototype function to build the dom elements of the calendar etc.

The only thing i am having a bit of a problem with is changing the month. If i set the month i require before i initiate a new calendar object, the calendar loads fine, but cant seem to change the month once the object has been written to the page.

Can anyone give me any pointers? Do i need to delete the object from the page, and replace it with a new one, or is there a way to update?

I appreciate this may be difficult to answer without seeing my code, but i was hoping for more of a push in the right direction rather than an absolute solution. I can post my code if you wish though.

Any help would be greatfully received.