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Thread: autofit image width!

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    autofit image width!

    Hey! I am having troubles with displaying site in older browsers, IE6 renders "img width="100%" just different as IE8 or Firefox... You see, there I have section page, which has two columns and every article is presented with title, picture, introtext and readmore button, in one of those columns. The picture autofits the width of a column (table cell i guess) in IE8 and Firefox and whene article is loaded, picture fits complete article-page width. But today i check those pages in IE6 and browsers obviously understands that it should dispalay image with all its original pixels and does not resize it to fit the width of a cell or row of a table, even in an article the picture is too big and it does not fit the width of a table... Then the text is cut away and article is not readable...

    So - do you know how to set image that it would autofit its size to the width of the table cell or page where it's displayed? And of course, solution should work in all browsers, cross-platform compatible. Any code appreciated.

    Another suggestion - let's say I place a picture on a web page and it then fit's pages complete width (100% of screen width for example). When i resize a browser window, the image resizes too. That's what I am looking for. Img width set on 100% does not work in IE6

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    I excpected some responses, maybe they come yet?

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    Wrong section dude.

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