First off, I'm an amatuer and webdesign is not my fulltime gig. However, I've built a few sites with FrontPage98, which allows you to begin building a site with a frames template. For technical/monetary reasons, I am now using/learning PageBreeze. In PB there is no feature which allows you to begin a site project with a frames template like FP. However, their are links on the PB website to let you download free templates, many of which appear "frame-like" with a left side button navbar and right side content box with common header/footer frames, as found at:

So my questions are:

Are these templates considered "frames" templates or do they just look like frames and perform the same feel with a different technology? Some kind of java script?

In simple terms, how do I set up a "frames" layout in PageBreeze? I emailed this to PageBreeze and did not get a reponce.

Thanks in advance.