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Thread: Dreamweaver database connection trouble!

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    Dreamweaver database connection trouble!

    Hi there,

    I have installed phpmyadmin in my server. Then, I entered phpmyadmin and created a database and a table within it.

    Now, I want to make a connection from Dreamweaver and I'm having a problem with this.

    When it says: Mysql username; password; I am using phpmyadmin's, becuase I don't know what is my mysql user/pass. I used only one user/pass to enter my phpmyadmin and from there I manged my database.

    Can you help me pleaseee?!
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    Are you trying to connect with Dreamweaver like a testing server? If you are you need to setup remote access for your IP to connect to it. If your trying to have Dreamweaver generate the connection code to your MySQL DB then you will need to upload those generated files to your server with MySQL installed and test it through a web page.

    To see what type of access your user has you can log into phpMyAdmin and view the mysql database in the user table. The user table will have a HOST field and I'm guessing it reads localhost for the value. Now you might have more than one record for the same username which is good or you can create a second record with the HOST value set as % (Which allows all IP's).

    Hope this helps

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