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Thread: How to change web platforms?

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    How to change web platforms?

    Recently we created a wiki through some company on their server. That company is going under and I am wondering how to retrieve the content. The tech guys there said that there were two options.

    1. The best approach is to download all the content page-by-page and put it into a format that is convenient for you (for example, re-upload it into a google site). There aren't that many pages; this should just take a few hours, but you need to be careful to reset all the links.

    2. The next best approach is for me to give you the whole thing as a combined file, and then you can install it on your own local mac, if you have one. (It's a mac wiki.) To do this you'd need a mac, and a license for the mac wiki, and some patience.

    Since 1 seems alot easier, what is the best way to download the content page by page? Does this entail just manually saving each page, along with any pdf files and relinking everything?

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    I would assume your assumption is the way to go. Just save each page's content one-by-one along with all linked documents and then rebuild it as wanted through another service.

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