How do I traverse an XML file shown below and create an HMTL page with output as:

I want the hyperlink the way I have added the link to the output. It is concatenation between string "" from 'Mapping' tag and string from 'link' tag

All XML files are stored locally.

• My Time
• Trend Analysis
o Previous Weeks Data - need to work on
o Individual Trend Analysis…..

		<map sys="CD2" server=""/>
	<RptGrp name="My Time">
		<report name="Time Recording" link="/sap/bw/BEx?template_id=ZIC_TIME_RECORD_SNAP_DATA"/>
	<RptGrp name="Trend Analysis">
		<report name="Previous Weeks Data - need to work on" link="/sap/bw/BEx?template_id=ZPREV_WEEK_EMP_MNGR"/>
		<report name="Individual Trend Analysis" link="/sap/bw/BEx?template_id=ZEMP_QUEUE_TREND"/>