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Thread: Overlay for dynamic pages

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    Overlay for dynamic pages

    Hi All,

    I want to use jquery overlay in one of my dynamic page. Well, let me explain the case in detail;

    Actually i have implemented in my site, but it works for only one id.

    Ok, here is the case

    (1)I have a news page, which is dynamically loaded(used jsp), in news.jsp page, all the news titles is loaded from DB, each news title has a unique ID

    (2) When i click the news title, id will be passed to show.jsp page and the detailed news for the corresponding id will be opened in a seperate window.

    (1) When i click news title in news.jsp page, i want to use jquery overlay instead of opening in a window.

    Actaully, i implemented it, but it works only for one id until the news.jsp page is refreshed.

    Here goes my code:
    <a style="cursor:hand; color:#0000ff" class="grey11" href="show.jsp?id=<%=id%>" rel="#overlay" >

    out.println("<span ><u>"+newstitle +"</u></span>");

    jquery script:

    $(function() {
    $("a[rel]").overlay(function() {
    var wrap = this.getContent().find("div.wrap");
    if (wrap.is(":empty")) {

    }) ;

    Could anybody tell me why its opening only for one id??
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    This seems to be more of an plugin issue then a jquery one.
    Do you have an example page?

    The following might work without the overlay.
    HTML Code:
    $("a[rel]").(function( e ) {
    var wrap = $( "div.wrap", e.target );
    if (wrap.length ) {
    window.open( wrap.attr("href"), "News" );
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    Overlay for dynamic pages

    Hi Larry Battle,

    Thanks for your input. Sorry, since am working in local server, i dont have test page globally.

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    Hi Larry Battle,

    I got the solution. Only thing is "if (wrap.length ) {" to be removed. My code works fine if i remove the above said line.


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