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Thread: Updatepanel inside an IFrame - not working with FireFox

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    Angry Updatepanel inside an IFrame - not working with FireFox

    I just finished making a nice facebook app, which is a facebook version of my website, chaostrivia.com
    The app is made of a homepage, and 3 game pages.
    It is IFrame based, made with the facebook asp.net development kit.

    All pages, including the homepage, have a scriptmanager and update panels.

    The problem:
    All update panels in all pages never fire an async postback when browsing with firefox.
    (from the dev server, I put a breakpoint at the Page_Load event. It never reaches the breakpoint with firefox, and it does reach and break when browsing with IE or Chrome).

    The application: http://apps.facebook.com/chaostrivia

    Notice how it works and refreshes well automatically with IE and Chrome, but remains static with Firefox. (I tested with the most recent and previous FF versions).

    The same code is running well on my website, chaostrivia.com, hence I assume that the source of the problem is the fact that the facebook application reside inside an IFrame, which is not the case in my website, and is in principle the only thing that has changed.

    Has anybody encountered this problem before and know of a magic cure?
    I am totally desparate. I spent the whole day looking for a solution and I didn't even come near one


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    You can check error in the error console on fire fox in tools option

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    Thanks. I already solved the problem.
    The problem was in the masterpage.

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    I have the same problem. I'm using iframe, and update panel. But the page wouldn't load. What did you edit in masterpage to make it work?

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