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Thread: Unexpected Firefox results but IE fine

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    Unexpected Firefox results but IE fine

    I have a temporary page (updating and changing site) that is displaying differently in Firefox and IE. I'm used to minor differences, but I have no clue as to why IE is displaying the width of the site properly but Firefox is compressing it for some reason.

    I used multiple stylesheets just to keep things separated and organized a bit as I tried to figure out the problem. It's actually the same CSS I was using on the existing site but there appears to be a glitch now.

    Anyone have any ideas as to the problem? It should be displaying at 100% of the window, just as it does in IE7. But FF is shorting the width by a good bit.

    The link is http://www.lamarcountyfootball.com/tempNew.php

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    Removed the "width:" attribute from the body and it helped a good bit, but for some reason, the header image is still shortened. It's supposed to be the full 1024px width, but is still squeezed down to about 930ish. I removed the width for it, but still no getting it full sized as in IE.

    Any thoughts?

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