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Thread: It's been awhile, but i'm back into programming

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    It's been awhile, but i'm back into programming

    Hi there everyone! It's been a long, long, time since I started programming in HTML and stuff like that. The reason i'm back is that I been given a task to create a database system for my employer and it's got to be in real-time and online. I know that this goes way beyone HTML programming and I have someone who will be doing a Php/MySQL of my database, but first I have to design a layout on what I want it to look like online and what features I want. One of the features that i'm looking at, but don't know if this is HTML or Javascripting (but might be both). So let me explain as best as I can.

    As I mention this is a online database and will be live as much as possible. With all database when you want to add an entry you need a form. I can design a form easly, but I want my form not to leave the database page. I want the form to appear in front of the database "hazying" the database page and the form to appear in front of it, untill someone hits submit.

    I hope that I was clear enough, I will try to find other pages out that perform this same function that i'm looking for, so that I can show you.

    I will need this form also for entries that need to be edited too.

    If you have an idea of that i'm talking about, please reply and let me know what it takes to get something like this to run on my site. Thanks!

    http://www.tdcjdallascounty.com (Click on the database link)

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    Your PHP\MySQL guy (depending on actually being a PHP\MySQL guy) would easily be able to set it up. What you would have to do is design all the pages you want, and then present them to the backend programmer and he'll make your forms and page forms work. Also, if you have a PHP\MySQL, you'd need a server running PHP\MySQL and then that's about it.

    Unless code is provided or an exact example is requested I think I'm going to start using psuedo code from now on...

    Also, I freelance as well. Inquire within!

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    Looks like you need AJAX. However, by the look of it you will be coding for a US public service so Section 508 compliance may be an issue.

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    I am aware of the PHP/MySQL services, and yes my host does provide me with PHP/MySQL, if they didn't I would be out of there. As I mention, i'm doing a visual first (not working) database. I have a (ADD) button .gif in the header of my page. What I want to do is once someone clicks on the ADD button it will bring up the form. Again this will not be a real active form, just a visual of what i'm expecting my programmer to design. I just want a script to add into my visual website.

    Again I need a form that will not navagate way from the database page. I need the form to appear in front of the page "hazing" out the database untill the form is submited and then return back to the database page.

    I will try to find a site out there that preform this same funcation

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    OK I found a site that does what i'm looking for, it was on MySpace.

    So goto http://www.myspace.com/ashwood_rocks and scroll to the bottom and you'll see a link to "Post Comment" ... As you will see a form will appear in front of the page "hazing" or "graying" it out. I need to know if this is AJAX or JavaScript or both and where I can find this app. Thanks!

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    I'm not 100% sure, but after viewing the HTML source of that MySpace account I came up that this function is a javascript called QuickPost, but I can't seem to find an app online for this name. I know that this might be what they name their javascript, and that there could be other out there by diffrent names. But if you would please view the application and get back with me, if you know of another app that does the samething that I can download and uses. Thanks!

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    I almost said 'let google be your friend' - but I'm in a charitable mood.

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    It's definitely AJAX driven, which AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In essence it's really just HTML\JavaScript on the browser end and PHP\MySQL on the server end. As for quick login scripts utilizing AJAX, hmmmm, someone else might be able to help with specific examples, personally those sorts of things are homebrewed.

    Try googling for "AJAX login scripts" and there should be of examples and tutorials as probably a decent of ready built solutions. Good luck mate.

    Unless code is provided or an exact example is requested I think I'm going to start using psuedo code from now on...

    Also, I freelance as well. Inquire within!

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    kiwibrit thanks for helping me how to grey out the page, but I would really like the form action that goes along with it. I did google, maybe you used a diffrent search term then I did.

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    I need a postive confirmation on with this application is and how I can get my hands on it...


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    Yes, it is AJAX. Which is made up of JavaScript\HTML on the Browser end and PHP\MySQL on the backend (well, maybe they use .NET, JSP, etc).

    What it does, JavaScript opens the login window if not logged in. When you click login, instead of submitting the form it will send the login information to the server via JavaScript. The server will handle the information and then return whether you are logged in or not. That return is sent back to JavaScript which then does whatever depending on the response.

    Some sites to check out:
    http://www.15seconds.com/issue/020606.htm (looks like a pretty good step by step example).

    Hopefully that'll help you out some.

    EDIT: You should still have the form function the old way as well, just incase someone doesn't have JavaScript set up.

    brief example:

    HTML Code:
    <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="post" onsubmit="ajaxLoginFunction();return false;">
    <!-- ... Inputs and such nots. -->
    That way if they disable JavaScript, the form will just post to the current page (if JavaScript is enabled, the return false stops the form from submitting). A little more indepth, but once you get working on it that'll definitely help you along.
    Last edited by Shorts; 07-23-2009 at 09:04 PM. Reason: Additions

    Unless code is provided or an exact example is requested I think I'm going to start using psuedo code from now on...

    Also, I freelance as well. Inquire within!

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    AJAX seems to be so confusing to me. Everything I saw was able creating login screen, which is also good, i'm mainly looking for the popup form effect. Is there anything just on this subject or anything showing the scipt code for the effect?

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    If its the visual effect you're only concerned about, and I suggest lets focus on that first... you're going to need javascript for a pop up like that. I suggest using jQuery's modal, or thickbox.


    If I could suggest, focus on building the form first. The visual effect of the lightbox can come after.

    Not leaving the page is not related to this overlay effect. That is ajax, so as you go forward, try and keep these things separate in your mind and try and do it one step at a time. Laying out the form itself will be html/css, here just worry about the plain form. Once you have that, try and implement the modal or the lightbox.

    The ajax part, your backend person should work with you on that, don't worry about that quite yet.

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