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Thread: Online payment application

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    Online payment application


    I am relatively new to PHP and have a request where I am asked to create an application where the users will be able to login to their accounts, check their balance and make the payment online.

    From my knowledge, I know that such an application needs a payment gateway.

    1. Is there any such gateway that is recomended for the application.

    2. Also, do I need to use Mysql DB only for this or does it work with any other DB as well ?

    3. Should I ask the client if they have any gateway system they have in mind and if they can buy their services ?

    Please advise on the whole process as to what I need them to provide for me in order for me to create this application.

    Many Thanks!

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    The two easiest gateway APIs I have used are authorize.net and paypal. The biggest difference is cost and feature set between the two. Paypal has no recurring fee services that take a percentage of each charge while authorize.net (as far as I know since it has been years) has recurring charges as well as a percentage of each charge. Either way the site could accept credit cards or checks. Using paypal you send the user through a paypal page and using authorize.net you construct the page.

    PHP works well with a number of DBs though MySQL is the most common.

    If the client already has a gateway account try to find out if they provide an API for PHP or SOAP/XML-RPC.

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