Our web site developer used this script for developing some selectable drop down menus (Hiermenus version 4). I am not a programmer by trade, but have acquired the title of "webmaster" for our company. I am trying to add an additional item to one of the drop down menus, but am having difficulty getting it to show up online. Here are the filenames that I am working with:


I have modified the third array in the HM_Arrays file to look like this:

HM_Array3 = [

[120, // menu width

340, // left_position

150, // top_position

"white", // font_color

"#404E99", // mouseover_font_color

"#404E99", // background_color

"cccccc", // mouseover_background_color

"black", // border_color

"gray", // separator_color

0, // top_is_permanent

0, // top_is_horizontal

0, // tree_is_horizontal

1, // position_under

1, // top_more_images_visible

1, // tree_more_images_visible

"null", // evaluate_upon_tree_show

"null", // evaluate_upon_tree_hide

, // right-to-left

], // display_on_click

["Request Form",DocRoot + "requestform.asp",1,0,0],

["List of Distributors",DocRoot + "distributors.html",1,0,0] <---------------this is the new item I want to add


This seems like all I should need to do, but when I FTP the new file over to our site, it still looks as though only one item ("Request Form") is displayed.

Is there something that I need to do to the HM_Loader file as well? I can't seem to find anything relevant in that file, except the reference to the HM-Arrays file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


John Breeden