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Thread: Live Web Camera Stream to Akamai

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    Lightbulb Live Web Camera Stream to Akamai

    Has anyone here connected a stream from a web cam to a service like Akamai?

    Basically, I will have a live web cam setup on an IP network accessible via an IPort. I need to broadcast that stream to a lot of persons utilizing a high bandwidth provider.

    If anyone has any helpful hints, it would be appreciated.
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    Here is a tutorial for broadcasting live stream on the Internet, hope it helps - http://flash-video-player.blogspot.c...ash-video.html

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    Contrary to the lead-in in the post above “tutorial for broadcasting live stream on the Internet”, the post is just another spam post to try sell Moy** products. I’m all for the free market system but if their products are so good, then identify yourself as a rep for the company when you post here. This is a “Developers Forum” in case you hadn’t noticed. Take your advertising to a “Web Products Advertisers Forum”.
    As you may have noticed, the post above gives no info on how to actually stream video, or on how to find a “high bandwidth provider”. Streaming video requires a special type of server such as an Adobe's Flash Media Server or an open source server like Red5 to serve your video out to the world.
    Red5 still requires a host that provides the large pipeline to the Internet plus a fair amount of technical know-how to install and maintain the server.
    Here is an easier solution, a “high bandwidth provider”:
    I’ve used them and highly recommend them. Even if you don’t use them, review their help pages and you’ll learn a lot more about live streaming.
    Best of luck on your project!
    Eye for Video

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