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Thread: Flash Button not working in Firefox

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    Flash Button not working in Firefox



    we have several flash buttons/banners to click on and open up new browser windows and show a differenet url.
    This works perfectly in explorer 7, but not in firefox, safari or chrome.

    the flash files were created in flash 8, obviously flash isn't working with these browsers but i don't know where to start fixing it?

    Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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    Just guessing here but I think the problem is not so much the Flash (since Flash will work just fine with FF) but how the buttons are placed on the page with AC_FL_RunContent. I’m not much on .js but from what I see in the file,
    // Detect Client Browser type
    there’s nothing about detecting FF . . . could be wrong about that but since it doesn’t work with FF. . . maybe.
    So here are some alternatives:
    Downloading the button directly in IE and testing it doesn’t do anything… no getURL on the button. Looks like you are relying on the JavaScript for the getURL action. So instead, put a getURL action directly on the button with Flash Actionscript. Something like this:
    go_to_cidm_btn.onRelease = function() {		
    	getURL("http://www.cidigitalmedia.com", "_blank");	
    A second alternative would be to use another method of placing the Flash buttons on the page(not AC_FL_RunContent), try swfObject (Google for more info).
    Best of luck to ya on your project!
    Eye for Video

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