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Thread: online list service(for shopping, tasks etc)

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    Post online list service(for shopping, tasks etc)

    I have now just launched a very simple site giving people the chance to keep their shoppinglist, todo-list or whatever at the site. Really simple, free and ofcourse now banners. I would like to know what you think of it.

    So please look at http://skbg.net

    My draft for a promo-text would be something like "At skbg.net you can create a (shopping)list and add / delete items easy and quick. This list can be accessed from your computer, notebook, mobile phone, Iphone etc. and uses very low bandwidth, making loading this list from a mobile unit very cheap.
    Use is extremely simple. Just go to http://skbg.net/a-unique-list-name-by-your choice. Ofcourse change a-unique-list-name-by-your-choice to some other unique term. You can also go to http://skbg.net/ to learn more."

    What do you think guys? Is this site easy to use? Will people understand how to use it and will they use it?
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    thats pretty cool...
    but on the home page, where you make a new list, make the <input type='text'> have an attribute of: autofill='none'

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