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Thread: Does facebook gallery reload or not?

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    Question Does facebook gallery reload or not?


    I am developing a picture gallery, where pictures are dynamically loaded with jQuery (Like in the facebook picture gallery - prev/next button)

    Everything is working fine, but there is one thing that bothers me.
    If users want to share a certain picture, by copying the URL, the browser would only point to picture 1 in the collection, since the URL in the address bar cannot (?) be updated via. javascript.

    Then i stumbled across the facebook picture gallery, which seems to have solved the problem.

    Whenever you click 'next' or 'prev', the picture itself is updated, but the rest of the page looks unaltered.
    But the URL in the address bar is changing with every click.

    How? :-)

    Is the whole page being reloaded, but in a very cool way so you dont notice, or is it in fact possible to change the address bar URL with some sneaky code?

    I cannot provide a link, but you can see it in any collection of pictures on facebook.

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    It could be that these are pages using includes, surrounding the photo. Thus the page "seems" the same, but it's really a different URL.

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