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Thread: RSS extract from body to title

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    RSS extract from body to title

    I want to extract data from feed and put into title as my feed reader alerts me of only title via sms and in this posts has no title.


    Message is in CDATA rather than in title like this

    I will be grateful if you can provide me with rss feed like this thanks

    http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.ru..._render=rss&Tw itterIDs=blaine%2C+jayfresh%2C+rakugojon%2C+simonm cmanus%2C+robb1e%2C+jermolene%2C+mahemoff%2C+psd%2 C+FND%2C+philhawksworth%2C+cdent%2C+buddenisms

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    http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.ru...ojon%2C+simonm cmanus%2C+robb1e%2C+jermolene%2C+mahemoff%2C+psd%2 C+FND%2C+philhawksworth%2C+cdent%2C+buddenisms

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