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Thread: Popop-up blockers - really beginning to wind me up

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    Popop-up blockers - really beginning to wind me up

    Ok guys, as you may or may not know im creating an instant messaging system for one of my clients sites. So far everything is going fine and dandy however the IM uses pop-ups to display the individual conversation windows.

    So, obviously if the user clicks another users link to open the window, it works fine....but, if another user sends the user a message ( which then automatically pop's up a new window) the popup is often blocked by the browser.

    My question is...is it possible to stop these popups from been blocked. I mean, its not like im trying to spam people with ad's, just letting them use the app properly!

    Cheers anyway


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    YOU'RE not trying to spam, but other sites are, so pop-up blockers don't differentiate.

    I don't think there's a way round this. Why use pop-up windows at all? Why not deal with ajax and just DOM-script your new conversation windows as divs?


    1) ajax checks for new conversations
    2) if it finds one, it invokes a JS function which creates a new DIV in the dom
    3) JS appends the new DIV to the document

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    Well that is how i started it in the first place, but i just didnt like the way it worked and prefered seperate windows.

    I have managed to write a checker function , which checks for popup blockers and asks the user to disable it before they can continue. So its all good now. Thanks anyway =)

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