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Thread: JavaScript Question...$100 if you do this for me

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    JavaScript Question...$100 if you do this for me

    Basicaly I would like it to to exactly this:
    but I need to ba able to change the HTML from when the boxes are small, very small, or big, so when you enlarge/shrink one of them the html changes (sort of like button states in flash) and the html appears after it has fully changed
    and I need to be able to click the other buttons when one of them is enlarged instead of the other 2 buttons being inactive
    and I need it to change faster and preferably start fast and slow down at the end of the animation. I will give $100 to anyone who does this for me, Just leave your paypal email address. If you have any questions about this please email me:andyosulivan@hotmail.co.uk

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    I hope that does fit your requirements

    there is no accelerating or slowing down but the rest should be liek you wanted it

    tell me if its ok

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