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Thread: sticky footer that gets stuck in the middle of page when scrolling

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    sticky footer that gets stuck in the middle of page when scrolling

    I've looked at a number of different forums etc. and I can't figure out what the problem is. I'm really hoping its not some small stupid mistake, I've looked this over so many times! My footer is supposed to stay at the bottom of the page, always. But whenever I resize the window so there is a scrollbar the footer scrolls up with the page, obscuring the information, instead of adjusting and staying attached to the bottom. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    html: http://djonathansilva.com/jsmain.php
    css: http://djonathansilva.com/js.css

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    Your footer is position:fixed which positions it relative to the browser window.

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    I know, I originally had it as absolute, but got the same result, and relative completely messes it up.

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    same here

    did you find a soloution? i have the same problem...

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