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Thread: Disabled input text field's value

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    Disabled input text field's value


    I have an input text field which I want it in disabled mode.
    There is button, on clicking of that calendar pops up and the selected date is displayed in that input text.

    But since it is disabled, on submitting the form I get its value as blank.

    I dont want to use readonly property. Because it shows cursor in text field.

    Is there any workaround for this, so that input text looks like disabled
    (Cursor should not be able to set inside that) and also we can get its value on submit.


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    you may have allready done this but
    <input type="text" value="whatever you want" disabled>

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    I already have tried 'disabled' property.

    But on submitting the form I am getting input text value as blank.

    Can we have same look for 'readonly' like 'disabled' ?

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