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Thread: POST and Query String together:

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    POST and Query String together:

    I have a form that posts data filter criteria back to the same page, showing the form again with a set of filtered data.

    At that point I want to be able to sort the table by the column headers. I know I can do that with Javascript, but I use alternate row colouring and that looks messed up with a Javascript sort.

    Is it possible, when clicking a link in the column header, to reload the page with the query string supplying the sort criteria but with the filter data also being re-POSTed back to the page?

    I know I can set up the sort order with links in my column headers, but am not sure if I can use POSTed parameters and a Query String at the same time.

    If so, how can I re-POST the data?

    Grateful for any help.

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    The easiest way might be to use sessions. Just simply when they submit the initial form submit that data into session variables and simply pull the data from there when needed.

    Cause im certain just using a link you wouldnt be able to resend post data and only send get. The only way to repost would most likely be using a form with hidden fields and a submit button but wouldnt look the prettiest most likely.

    So yea, try sessions unless someone else has a better suggestion.

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