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Thread: Replace characters: "Bob" to "John"

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    Quote Originally Posted by massalexx View Post
    is it possible to avoid using regExp constructor so we can have a single line like this:
    inStr = inStr.replace(oldWordArr[i]+"/(?![^(]*\))/ig", newWordArr[i]);
    I am not sure if "ig" is allowed to be placed in there.
    By short: No.

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    You can't avoid the constructer, but you can write it in one line.
    inStr = inStr.replace(new RegExp(oldWordArr[i]+"/(?![^(]*\))","ig"), newWordArr[i]);
    Or maybe slightly clearer.
    inStr = inStr.replace((new RegExp(oldWordArr[i]+"/(?![^(]*\))","ig")), newWordArr[i]);
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