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Thread: Flash Stopped Working

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    Flash Stopped Working

    My site launched a few weeks ago, and everything has been fine. I re-designed an existing site, and because we wanted to keep a calendar and forum, I just dropped the new site on top of the old one, over-riding index. I was slowly deleting the old site, making sure I didn't delete anything I needed.

    Well, I might have done just that.

    My site has photo albums that are made with a simple flash application through dreamweaver. When they stopped working, I used the archive/backup that the server provides, but that didn't work. I went back to dreamweaver and everything was working fine in the browser, so I re-uploaded the site again.

    The flash is still not working.

    Any ideas?

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    It could be any number of things that ended up out of place. But my guess would be that a file is missing and/or a path is not correct.
    For example, if your Flash is placed on the page using swfobject or some other javascript, make sure you did not delete that file. If any of the relative locations of the photo album application has been changed, the Flash will not work. So double check the paths.
    For more help, post a link to the site.
    Good luck,

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