I'm transferring all my sites over to a new server, it's a FreeBSD 7 box, dual Xeon ,2GB RAM.

I'm trying to optimize it for the fastest speed possible by turning off all logging and making sure the server sends out as little data as possible etc.

The part I'm stuck at is compiling apache. When I type make I get a host of modules I can tick / untick. Most of them I don't understand. Does it significantly slow the server if I have these modules enabled? I know all the stuff like turning off hostname lookups and disabling overrides, not allowing indexing,
I think symlinksifowners match should be off for greater speed, Is this correct? Also mime_magic should be turned off if not needed is this correct?

Also is PHP faster as a compiled-in module or Dynamic shared object? I'm going to stress-test the site before I put it live, just wondering if anyone else can share some tips?

Also if anybody has any tips / links on optimizing MySQL for fastest possible performance It would be much appreciated.