I'm retrieving data from a database where it is being called onto a page in a number of different rows based on what is in the database. What i want to do is organise this data into a sortable table whereby the user will be able to click on the column header and sort by ascending or descending. I would appreciate if anyone could assist with this. Does anyone know any possible way of organising this into a sortable table. Thank you. Here is the code which is calling the data from the database...

PHP Code:
            if (!
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());


$result mysql_query("SELECT * FROM proposal WHERE username = '$username'");

"<table cellpadding='0'>
                <th>Hotel Star</th>
                <th>Single Rooms</th>
                <th>Double Rooms</th>
                <th>Twin Rooms</th>
                <th>Family Rooms</th>
                <th>Special Requirements</th>

$row mysql_fetch_array($result))
"<td>" $row['county'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['starrating'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['checkin'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['checkout'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['budget'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['adults'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['children'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['singlerooms'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['doublerooms'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['twinrooms'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['familyrooms'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['breakfast'] . "</td>";
"<td>" $row['requirments'] . "</td>"