Hi, am currently in the middle of building the following site


the site was creating using abit of php for the on air times and now ive started geting use to the mysql side i was moving it over to a database to follow by building a custom CMS

one problem i am having is understanding how i can convert this section from the current php to mysql

this is the on air coding at present

PHP Code:
'Non Stop Music'
$img_src '../../images/air/nonstop.png'

$air_times = array( 
'day' => 'Sunday''start' => 23 60 00'end' => 23 60 59'status' => 'Booshish''img_src' => '../../images/air/booshish.png')
$c_day date('l');
$time date('G') * 60 date('i'); 

foreach (
$air_times as $slot) { 
if (
$slot['day'] == $c_day && $slot['start'] <= $time && $slot['end'] >= $time) { 
$air_status $slot['status']; 
$img_src $slot['img_src']; 

" <img src='{$img_src}' alt='{$air_status}' title='{$air_status}' >"

//print date('G') . ':' . date('i') . ' on ' . date('l');

the array is setup 1 array for each hour of the day (huge codes) so to make it easyer for the people who are controling this i thought to switch to a dbase.

i have the dbase setup with the following tables

airid, day, start_time, end_time,img, status

the coding

PHP Code:
$air_status 'Non Stop Music'
$img_src '../../images/air/nonstop.png'
is for when the is nothin on in that hour and its purly music
i can get it to connect to the dbase and pull from table, just not sure how to code this