Hey All,

I'm very new to PHP, and am a young guy at that (16), no don't get me wrong I'm a smart kid, I just need time to perfect my skills

Anyhow, the following the the script I wrote. Here's basically what I'm trying to do:

1) A user, in a previous HTML page has inputted data into a form
2) They press submit and the data SHOULD be processed through a PHP form
3) I want that data to be entered into a database table. The database and table are fully set up.
4) The script will have created the user and the user will now be able to login.

www.mobitek.ca/createuser-builder/formto.html is the form, and there the insert fails, as per the error that was echoed.

Here's the script:
PHP Code:

$password $_POST["password"];
$name $_POST["name"];
$address1 $_POST["address1"];
$address2 $_POST["address2"];
$city $_POST["city"];
$state $_POST["state"];
$zip $_POST["zip"];
$country1 $_POST["country1"];
$phone $_POST["phone"];
$email $_POST["email"];
$admin $_POST["admin"];
$country2 $_POST["country2"];

$link mysql_connect('localhost''mobitek_build'

if (!
$link) {
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());
'Connected successfully';

$query "INSERT INTO compb_users ( id , username , 

password , name, address , city , state , zip , country1 , phone 

, email , admin , country2 )
$id', '$username', '$password', '$name', '$address', '$city', 

$state', '$zip', '$country1', '$phone', '$email', '$admin', 


mysql_query($query) or die ('Error creating user')

"Thank you";

Thanks for the help in advance, Justin.