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Thread: How to create a word port for a modem?

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    Red face How to create a word port for a modem?

    Hi all,

    I need to create a world port at home to test a software.
    My home internet IP is static, and modem has 4 PORTS.

    Now I need to run a server software (C++ program) in one PC, which is connected to a PORT of the modem.
    My purpose is:
    A client software (out of my home) can connect to the server vs my home static IP address.

    I know I need to change settings of my modem, such as port redirection (not sure what exact stories are), then clients can connect to server vs the port from modem to the PC.

    Could you introduce some concepts, or let me know how to do (change modem settings etc)?

    Any links and comments are highly appreciated.


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    who knows?

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    Why are you using a "special" server software? If you are using Windows just configure your IIS and you're good to go... if on Linux it's easy to set up Apache.
    ...but stupidity is terminal.

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