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Thread: IE - CSS problem

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    IE - CSS problem

    Hi - I'm not getting any closer to solving a css problem and would appreciate some help/advice for this draft homepage. It renders as planned in FF3 but not in IE7/8. The white background of the content area of the homepage pushes out the right margin. All other pages work fine because they are formatted differently. To help those looking at this problem, the css controlling the image rotator on the homepage is .gallerycontainer and is inside the #content .leftcol tag. I've tried margin and padding adjustments to .leftcol and .gallerycontainer to no avail. I believe its just an IE hack that is needed and would appreciate some help in figuring it out.

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    I think you'll need to post your css for us to help. The section with the logo is fluid but the rest of the page isn't?
    Is the paint shop logo a background image?

    Also, your nav buttons float to the left in IE but are centralised in Firefox.

    I'll try and take a look for you later...

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    css file attached

    Thanks for the response. The css file is attached. I don't see the menu offset in FF3 or IE8. Are you in earlier versions? The paint circle is a background image. The Best of Boston is a DW8 layer.
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