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Thread: DataBase profiler

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    DataBase profiler

    Hi all

    I am getting to the end of a mammoth creation and learning curve or creating a PHP, JavaScript and MYSQL dynamic site and I am looking for any recommendations on profiling my database to find any bottlenecks or issues with my MYSQL.

    I have implemented caching across the entire site using pear but I still want to make sure when the DB is being used it is as efficient as possible.

    Has anyone got any personal recommendations for performing such profiling? As always money is tight here so an open source application would be ideal to test on my home Dev server before I release her into the wild.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    One thing you can do is use MySQL's EXPLAIN to help optimize queries. In fact, you might spend a little time poking around the enitre Optimization chapter while you're there (in particular section 7.2).
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