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    I intend for this thread to be a long one because I have many questions and will be looking for some help along the way. I also want this to be an example for future similar projects.

    The project: Creating a website for a local Ice cream parlor. I want to make the site so that he can easily add content (via a WCMS - Web content management system). I want to avoid flash as it is not so easily adaptable and I think it is overkill for his desires.

    First Goal. I will have a picture of his board with all his flavors (image below). When a user hovers(mouseover event?) above one of the flavors, below a picture of the flavor appears and beside that, a description.

    (see attached images)

    Now here is the interesting part.
    I want him to be able to change the description if ever he needs to. Ideally, that description would lie in a flavour_desc.XML document (or other) and some kind of function(mouseover?) would call the associated image into the image location and the associated text from the flavour_desc.xml (or other) document.

    I don't know if this is possible but this is how I envision it.
    A 3 cell table (1st row spans 2 columns and 2nd row is for image and text)

    A script would run on mouseover (or other function?) of Flavour#1 and would load flavour1.jpg into id="image_cell" and the description in id="desc_cell".

    Application: When a new flavour is added, I change his board image and add the script for the corresponding flavour. I upload the new_flavour.jpg into a specific folder on the server and he adds the description to the XML document & presto!

    I don't know if this could more easily be done in flash or another better or more practical way. Please share your solutions!
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