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Thread: Anyone familiar with Canada Post shipping module?

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    Anyone familiar with Canada Post shipping module?

    I purchased DragDropCart but can't get the Canada Post module to work in it. I have a CPC ID but it's returning an error when trying to purchase an item. Also, the taxes are not generating to the final bill.

    The DragDropCart website claims there is a forum but there isn't and they won't return my emails about the problem. After reading some reviews, I have found that many people are very disappointed by the lack of support.

    Anyone work with this script before?

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    would that be a cart software canada post recommends?

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    According to the search results, DragDropCart is riddled with security problems and cross site script hacks. Here is one typical review on its security http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/de...=CVE-2009-2587 and TBH by the sounds of it, you will be doing yourself a favor not using it...

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