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Thread: [RESOLVED] Do search engines index 'redirected' URLs?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Do search engines index 'redirected' URLs?

    Hi there,

    I have a scenario:

    A website has been built and sits at the domain www. site-a. co.uk

    www. site-b. co.uk has been registered as a domain but forwards to www. site-a. co.uk

    Do the search engines recognise any keyworks in the site-b URL, or only that of site-a? My suspicion is not, but I just wanted to get this clarified...

    Thanks in advance

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    It depends how the forward is set-up. If I type www.site-b.co.uk in my browser and I'm redirected to www.site-a.co.uk (the Address bar changes accordingly) then as far as I'm aware, only www.site-a.co.uk would be indexed.

    If, however, www.site-b.co.uk is just another header for site-a, then both sites are indexed. I'm told this is a bad approach since search engines will recognise that two sites contain exactly the same content and lower their rankings accordingly.

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    You should setup a permanent redirect from one domain to the other.

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    Thanks for your reply catterz, that is what I understand too.

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    permanent redirect is? Error code - 301 or 302 ?

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    From what I hear NO

    Google wont index a redirect. From what I hear.

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