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Thread: need a javascript expert

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    Unhappy need a javascript expert

    I need a javascript that will help me add a line of text into a textarea field in a form via a checkbox

    THE LINE '\image{my photo}' is added to the <textarea>\image{my photo}</textarea> field

    I hope I explained this right .

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    Lightbulb not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for...

    but this is what it sounds like you want to do to me. What I would do is create a function to add the line of text to the textarea first. Then, when you create your checkbox, call the function you created from the checkbox's ONCLICK event:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript" TYPE = "text/javascript">
      function AddText()
        var objForm = document.frmTest;
        objForm.txtTextArea.Value = "Whatever you want it to say";
    <INPUT TYPE = CHECKBOX NAME = chkTest VALUE = "Y" ONCLICK = "AddText()">
    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    nevermind Its not going to work on my forum script because the textarea already has a set name="message" value and cannot be removed or the board will break... thanks anyways.
    Or is it possible to still get it to work even if the textarea field already has a set name="message" value?
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    <input type="checkbox" onClick="form.textArea.value='\image{my photo}';">&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="checkbox" onClick="form.textArea.value='';">

    <textarea name="textArea" cols="65" rows="10"></textarea>


    That should do what you want it to. Hope this helps!

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    ok I finally got it to work by adding the following line of code to the board software from the last poster

    <input type="checkbox" onClick="form.message.value='\\image{my photo}';">

    I changed the onclick from "textarea" to "message"
    to make my script happy so it wouldnt break the board script
    also because of the strange code of the forum software I had to add an extra \ in the onclick="form.message.value='\image{my photo}';"> code as you can see above.

    Thanx Zach Elfers I will put a credit up to you for helping me
    at the board if you give me the ok.

    my forum board http://cgi-help.sytes.net
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