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Thread: random file name

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    random file name

    now i am getting all images in a file using the function glob
    PHP Code:
    $files glob("../images/gallery/".$x."thumbnails/*.jpg"
    after that i store it in an array
    PHP Code:
     foreach ($files as $value
    all that i need is to make the $value to produce random value from the array produced by foreach function...

    when i echo the image i want it to be random.. thats all that i need

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    Glob already returns an array so I'm not sure what you mean by "after that I store it in an array". If you just want to get a random item from the array you can use array_rand:

    PHP Code:
    $files glob("../images/gallery/".$x."thumbnails/*.jpg");
    If you are doing this in a loop, I would do something like:

    PHP Code:
    $files glob("../images/gallery/".$x."thumbnails/*.jpg");
    foreach (
    $files as $file) {

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