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Thread: Help with a mod_rewrite statement

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    Help with a mod_rewrite statement

    Hi people

    I've been hacking around for an hour and I'm no closer to being able to solve this one so I'd appreciate it if someone with greater understanding of mod_rewrite could help me out. It's not a very difficult problem but I've never been able to get my head around htaccess

    Here's the deal...

    I have many domains all parked on top of a primary domain. The primary domain, primarydomain.com, wants to be unaffected by mod_rewrite (so the rewrite rule needs to be conditional).

    Then we have a bunch of parked domains, let's say they are secondarydomain1.com, secondarydomain2.com etc. Each of these domains needs to be run through the rewrite rule.

    There is only one simple rule to be run, and that is the conversion of a URL like this:


    to a URL like this


    Can anyone help?

    Thanks very much
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    Also, how much would it cost to run your own server. You couldn't just run one from your house could you or could you. You would need a special high bandwidth connection. Are these connections only available in certain physical places, how would you go about aranging this?

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