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Thread: Does anyone know the ROI for Website Design and Development?

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    Does anyone know the ROI for Website Design and Development?

    I am curious about the Return on Investment for the creation of a website for large and small businesses. We all know that, for most businesses, websites earn back way more than they spend on their website.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the ratio, or could send me some credible links which show the effect websites have on a businesses finances.


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    This would be highly dependent on how much effort and emphasis is placed on marketing both online and off and the brand familiarity before the move online. Additionally a poorly constructed or thought out website can have negative ROI sometimes even more than a bad marketing campaign. If there is an above average amount of brand recognition before the change/addition online and the site is well thought out and funded then the ROI can be huge as well as reducing overall brick-and-mortar costs by distributing larger costs such as personnel and other store front costs across a larger sales base. This can effectively lower the costs per item and has the potential to increase profit margins or reduce the number of items that need to be sold to break even on shared costs.

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