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    Question Help with funciton

    I have these functions :

    function loadAjax(ajaxTrigger,triggerAction,ajaxLoadingContentSource,ajaxLoadingContainerId) {
        var trigger = document.getElementById(ajaxTrigger);
        trigger.addEventListener(triggerAction, sendAjaxRequest(null,ajaxLoadingContentSource,ajaxLoadingContainerId), false);
    function sendAjaxRequest(ev,ajaxLoadingContentSource,ajaxLoadingContainerId) {
        var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
        request.open("GET", ajaxLoadingContentSource, true);
        request.onreadystatechange = ready(null,ajaxLoadingContainerId);
    function ready(ev,ajaxLoadingContainerId) {
        var r = ev.target;
        if (r.readyState != 4) return;
        var div = document.getElementById(ajaxLoadingContainerId);
        div.innerHTML = r.responseText;
    It is supposed to load data content from a distant page..

    But it is not working , can you please look at it and tell me where the problem is ?

    thank you very much for your answers ,


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    It is supposed to load data content from a distant page..
    so you mean that this script is running on www.yahoo.com (for example) trying to get data from/to www.google.com? the default behavior of ajax is to prevent this, if so. i have no idea how to make it work, but i've heard it's possible with tweaking.

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