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Thread: how to get the directory tree of a website?

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    how to get the directory tree of a website?


    as you know, when if you access a folder that doesnt contain an index file you can see the whole tree of files and directories within that folder. However if an index is there you cant. Is there anyway to bypass the index file when it exists so you can see all the files and directories there? if not, i would appreciate if you tell me a way to see the whole bunch of files and directory tree of any website. I tried so many programs but they are useless because they only retrieve the files and directories that are linked from something else.

    Thank you.

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    hey..The site maps are the est source to get directory tree of your web site.The site maps creates a tree like hierarchical structure for our web site.these site maps are great use for making our web site search engine friendly.the site map can be created using XML.

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