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Thread: Wierd Gap between header and navbar

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    Wierd Gap between header and navbar

    I am completely stumped as to why a gap is appearing between the menu (div id #nav) and header (div id #header) of a site I am working on. I can't see anything obvious with firebug/web developer addons, padding/margins between are both zero.

    The site is at http://test.thebrochinspectors.com

    I'm sure its something completely obvious, but this has me stumped...
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    Hard to say without seeing the css.

    A couple of possibilities:
    Have you set a height value for either the #nav or #header?
    Have you zeroed the margin and padding for the ul / li that the navigation belongs to?

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    The #header div has a height attribute equal to the height of the image, #nav has no height set. The ul, li elements have no padding-top, a element has 5px padding, but not enough to account for the gap - gap is still there if I remove the 5px.

    Thanks for your help all the same. CSS is here.

    EDIT: This thread should really be in the CSS forum. Can a mod move it please? Thanks

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