This form won't post and I can't figure out why. Can anyone spot the problem? The page this code is on is ndainvite.php, so it's posting to itself. I thought maybe it was a processing issue, so I pointed the form action at another page. It just doesn't post.

HTML Code:
	<div style="width:550px; margin:0 auto;>
	<form action="ndainvite.php" method="post">
	<h3 style="text-align:center;">Send NDA Invitation</h3>
	<label>Day: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="day" value="<?=date('d');?>" SIZE="2" /> &nbsp; &nbsp;
	<label>Month: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="month" value="<?=date('m');?>" SIZE="2" /> &nbsp; &nbsp;
	<label>Year: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="year" value="<?=date('Y');?>" SIZE="2" /><br /><br />
	<label>First name: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="first" SIZE="20" /> &nbsp;
	<label>Last name: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="last" SIZE="30" /><br /><br />
	<label>Distinction: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="descrip" SIZE="90" /><br /><br />
	<label>E-ddress: </label><input TYPE="text" NAME="email" SIZE="60" /><br /><br />
	<label>User Authorizations: </label><br />
	<input type="checkbox" name="AuthCO" value="" /> View Conceptual Overview<br>
	<input type="checkbox" name="AuthRM" value="" /> View Roadmap<br>
	<input type="checkbox" name="AuthES" value="" /> View Executive Summary<br>
	<input type="checkbox" name="AuthBP" value="" /> View Business Plan<br>
	<input type="checkbox" name="AuthTD" value="" /> View Technology Detail<br><br>
	<input type="hidden" name="proc" value="1">
	<input TYPE="submit" NAME="Submit" VALUE="Send Invitation" style="margin-left:120px;" /></p>