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Thread: Javascript BUTTON... HELP

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    Javascript BUTTON... HELP

    Ok.. this is what im tryign to do.

    1. A Blank Page.
    2. Button Saying LOG ME IN.
    3. The Button Will Log a person in with specific data.


    Name: enc
    Value: XXZZ123
    Host: .example.com
    Path: /
    Secure: No
    Expires: Mon, 12 Nov 1990 10:00:00 EST

    this is kinda what the page will look like. Could some one make me a tutorial how to do this.. They will all be usign the exact same cookie. So one password.. but were only allowing the cookie instead to keep it so people just cant give out the passwords.. yeah still way to edit cookie and save.. but.. more difficult for are users.. know knowlege..

    thanks hope some one can help me!

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    Umm I dont know what happened to my picture example..
    Umm im still in need of help for this thanks in advance

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    Im having trouble to post a picture...

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