Background: (this is all in IE6)
I have a page with two DIVs. In one of the DIVs there is an iFrame. The main page is in this domain:

The page that loads into the iFrame in is in this domain:

I have NO access to the main page content. I can only manipulate the page within the iFrame.

The page in the iFrame uses javascript to 'fix' the position of a header and footer by assigning a fixed height to a content area between the header and footer. It does this by getting the height of the window (via javascript) when the page loads. Now, when the pages loads in the iFrame the height is not set to the available area of the page (because we all know that height=100% on an iFrame means nothing). However, there is a javascript function on the main page that does set the height of the iFrame 'onload' but this does not appear to happen until after the content of the iFrame is loaded. Again, because of the different domains I do not have access to the parent document height. Bottom Line - I have to find a way to get the height of the parent window/iFrame from within my page that loads inside the iFrame. Does anyone know the execution order of the 'onload' verses loading the content of an iFrame? Any ideas in general? Thanks a bunch.