I'm trying to call a javascript function using ajax for logging searchs made within my search engine.
Previously, I do that in the same tima as the search query, but it incredibly slow down query..

Then this is my code... basic one.. But if you have any other idea for speeding up my initial request ;-)

Thansk !!!


<script type="text/javascript">
function WriteLogNow(){
getdata('/inc/scripts/logwritter/logwritter.php?lang=fr-BE&amp;searchstring=fze&amp;searchtype=simple&amp;resultscount=0&amp;resultscount=0&amp;queryduration=9.0122222900391E-5','logresult',&lt;div class=ajaxloader&gt;&lt;img src=/res/ani/ajaxloader_8cells_grey.gif&gt;&lt;/div&gt;);

<input name="" type="button" onclick="WriteLogNow();" value="WriteLogNow()">