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Thread: Event Cue Points Triggering Graphics

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    Cool Event Cue Points Triggering Graphics


    I have an FLV Playback component with a custom navigation system. I am using AS3. I used navigation cue points for navigating through the video. I also have dynamic text that is updated as the video plays. Now, I need to also have event cue points that trigger graphics that go along with the video. What I am trying to do can be found here: http://www.kauzmic.com/Demos/flash/vod/vod.html
    To load the images dynamically during the playing of the video, should I perhaps use the UL Loader Component?

    My Actionscript is as follows:

    import fl.video.VideoEvent;
    import fl.video.MetadataEvent;
    import fl.controls.List;

    cueList.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, playCue);

    vid.addEventListener(MetadataEvent.CUE_POINT, cueText);

    function playCue(e:Event):void {

    function cueText(e:MetadataEvent):void{
    var cuePointName = e.info.name;
    if(cuePointName == "One"){
    info.text ="One";
    }else if(cuePointName =="Two"){
    info.text ="Two";
    }else if(cuePointName =="Three"){
    info.text = "Three";

    Thank you for your help! It has been very difficult to find tutorials on this. I only made it this far because of a subscription to lynda.com
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    So the only part that isn't working is dynamically loading the images? I found an example of this at: http://actionscriptexamples.com/2008...tionscript-30/ since you're using AS3 it's the second example

    The way I'd go about it would be to create the second loader on the COMPLETE event of the first loader. That way your images get loaded and ready to use as soon as possible and they'll sync up with your video whereas having to wait for the loader might create a delay. You could either hide these additional items and then reveal on the event or just adjust the position to create the same effect.

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