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Thread: [RESOLVED] Does a prepared statement get cached?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Does a prepared statement get cached?

    Hey everyone, quick question. Says the PHP manual,
    $stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT * FROM test WHERE id = ?");
    this will make the database prepare itself to run this query; find out the best way to run it, how to structure the results, etc. If I use this same $stmt later, then all that work is still saved, yay!

    My question, however, is what if I don't use the $stmt variable? If I call $mysql->prepare with the same exact string, will it see that its the same as before, and use the earlier preparations? Or do I absolutely have to save the $stmt variable and use it again, to get the nice speed boost?

    - Evan

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    As far as I know, a new "prepare" would be handled separately and without knowledge of the prior query. I cannot claim to be 100% positive about that, but pretty darned close.
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    Okay cool, thanks for the quick response.

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