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Thread: PHP Site Search?

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    PHP Site Search?

    I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a free PHP site search script.

    Just a simple script to index my site and allow it to be searched.

    I've tried many, I just can't seem to find any good ones.

    Everytime I try one, something is wrong with the script, and since I'm no PHP scripter, I can't fix it.

    Does anyone know of any good PHP search engines for your site?

    Just a couple of preferences:
    No Ads
    No non-removable copyright
    Be able to choose which directories get indexed and not.
    Able to integrate search form on any page on my site

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    I recommend FastFind and if that doesn't work there are a few more listed on that page. I wish to point out this is somewhat advanced stuff, i.e. you need to know how robots.txt works, user agents, SEO, fulltext searches and scoring, site crawling and templates all work. Not for cluless newbies (not saying you are, just heed my warning) - but FastFind is well documented and easy to install if you know the basics.

    Beyond that and the links on that page, consider installing Google Custom Search - it's very easy, they have a new easy to use Ajax result page, and you have controls through the Google web site for indexing. This is not a bad alternative, at least check into it. Google offers an option to turn off advertising when licensed (free).

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I will check into FastFind, and use Google as an alternative if that does not work out.

    I'm not a complete newbie, as in I understand the basics of what you named, considering I have worked with them before, but I am also no professional.

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