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Thread: Using Clickatell to send data to an sms number - please help

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    Using Clickatell to send data to an sms number - please help


    I recently registered with Clickatell. I require an sms gateway on my own website. The idea is that the user will be able to send themselves a reference code to their mobile phone. My website is currently connecting to a MySQL database and what i want to do is call the "reference code" from the appropriate table in the database. This reference code would then populate into an email type form where the user could input their mobile phone number and send the reference code to themselves.

    I recently downloaded Clickatell Sms API (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sms-api/) but i am unsure as to how it works exactly. Can anyone please advise me on where i can get an interface (email type form) which will send data to a mobile phone number on my website (while connecting to the Clickatell gateway).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry but i'm really new to all of this.

    Thank you,

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    Maybe clickatell can point you towards some prewritten scripts. Other than that you might need to hire a freelancer or start learning PHP from the ground up.

    Gateways usually receive http posts. cURL is good for that and quite easy to use. PHP email is done with the mail() function. You can look it up in the php.net website. If making an HTML form is beyond your current level of knowledge, then I'd suggest getting a freelancer.

    best of luck.
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